The Concentration Of Water Molecules

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INTRODUCTION: Water is an essential thing for life. The earth and the entire living organism are made of water. A water molecule goes from high concentrated solution to a lower concentrated solution to try to equalize the concentration. The water molecules are always moving, and the rate of the movement depends on the concentration gradient. The bigger the difference in concentration the faster the molecules move down the concentration gradient. To figure out what diffusion was, I used the book and my notes from the lecture. There are three types of diffusion: Hypertonic, Hypotonic and Isotonic. The Hypertonic solution has a higher concentration of NaCl. The Hypotonic solution has less concentration of NaCl. The Isotonic solution has about the same NaCl content and the blood cell. Based on the facts that water molecules are always moving from a high concentrated to low concentrated gradient, the water molecules will move out of the red blood cells when placed in hypertonic solution and will swell up when placed in the hypotonic solution. In the Isotonic solution, the blood cell remains the same because they have the same concentration gradient. The reason for this experiment was to see how the blood cells react with different solutions. These solutions will be our variables, which will change during this lab course. Which of these solutions have different outcomes, so my hypothesis will probably be different for each solution. I predicted that the
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