The Concept Of 21st Century Community Transformation

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Introduction Today the challenges for those who aspire to be leaders are high due to the current environments in business organizations. “The concept of 21st century community transformation recognizes that there will be times when traditional leadership ideas are appropriate and times when an emerging, new type of leadership is appropriate. This new leadership is called “transformational leadership” (Johns Hopkins University, 2010). Society is more diverse, demanding more with a lot of pressure relate with the pass. To keep up with globalization and convergence new strategies must be developed and designed to compete in international markets. More competitive practices from leaders also are needed to accommodate the development and…show more content…
August, 2012). The meaning of a leader now must incorporate a collaborative and participatory style, mention for (Johnson III, C., Birchfield, J. & Wieand, P.,August, 2008) “As authenticity increases, leaders gain the internal flexibility that allows them to use multiple leadership styles, and gives them a much stronger foundation from which to cope with the rapidly changing world.” With an energetic vision and determination to achieve one’s goals one must practice humility and aggressiveness. One must be an individual with solid skills for transmitting a vision to workers and obtain collaboration from all individuals while directing the organization to achieve its goals by achieving an alignment of the workers with the leadership engendering in them a real commitment and aspiration for the future benefit of the entire organization. According to (Evans, R 2011): “More than two-thirds of corporate executives fear their leadership being overwhelmed as whole industries are transformed by a trend called ‘convergence.” Leadership involves choices and the difficulties in making these choices will be intensifying in the future years. Leaders need more than ever to commit themselves fully to the task at hand and give their best
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