The Concept Of A Management Training Course

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In this assignment the author has analysed in detail the concept of a management training course in the concept of Belbin’s Analysis on the basis of existing theory.
The study will examine the concept of task been given within the team member. I will try to discuss in detail the function and responsibility of team leader and his team group members. My discussion will be reflective and not descriptive basic on the theory and the concept of the task
1. To have leadership ability you should encourage your team members: According to (Tracy 2014) For a person to have leadership ability you most developed a positive attitude regarding task completion and the abilities that each team member brings to the group.But determination changes some people into the kind of individuals who inspire others leader. To become excellent leaders your trusted, self-reliance, and loyalty Impart a sense of meaning and determination in your team. Think of a strategy which will keep the big picture of your team as a leader.
During the course of two days training course, we have been giving different task to be done as team working, building bridge, building box with fiber plate, triangle rope which we need to form triangle with with our blind eye, dropping egg from up stair to the down floor not to break which we need to build protector the egg. We need to do this task as team work. For a team or group people to do their task effective and efficiency they must have a team leader.when we were making…
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