The Concept Of A Nursing Theory

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Concept Analysis To properly understand a concept the concept is analyzed and processed to define the components to ensure they are properly utilized in practice and research (Meleis, 2012). When evaluating a nursing theory understanding the key concepts of the theory, their meaning and how to properly apply the concept to practice can ensure that the concept is utilized in a manner that the theorist intended according to the research and development of the concept. The process to analysis of a concept is completed through using a structure of questions according to a concept analysis method. The method utilized in this concept analysis is that of Walker and Avant. This method is straightforward, easily used and identifies various uses and aspects of the concept (Earvolino-Ramirez, 2007). Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit theory is based upon the idea that individual’s require a set of actions to maintain self-care and independence. When an individual is unable to perform an action required for daily care then that individual has a deficit. In order for the person to regain or acquire the skills needed to overcome this deficit they must first be willing to seek help and take the steps and measure needed (Orem, 1991). Nurse’s play a key role is this process by evaluating what the deficit is, formulating the steps needed, implementing the process and evaluating the results. Some of the concepts to this theory are that of, dependency, nursing, health, person, environment,
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