The Concept Of A Person's View Of The World

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The concept of a relationship, at first thought, seems simple – two people, typically a man and a woman, who are in love. But, coming to this conclusion in a thoroughly modern world can be detrimental to a person’s view of the world. Many type of relationships have emerged, that differ to that ‘man and woman in love’ argument; different types of sexualities, such as bisexuality, can come into play, and even relationship structures that defer from the traditional structure of monogamy. This essay will argue that, while that it is true that the traditional idea of a man and a woman living in a monogamous relationship is still widely the norm, other types of relationship structures, such as polyamorous relationships, have emerged and are…show more content…
According to Rahilly (2015, p. 341), “…the ‘gender binary’ refers to a dominant cultural presumption about sex and gender: namely, that there is an expected “congruent” relationship between one’s sexed body and their gender identity and expression…”. This more or less refers to the idea that, socially, we assign at birth that, according to a child’s anatomy, that they will be a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’, which, in today’s modern world, is inherently problematic as it has been thoroughly researched that gender, and sexuality, is more fluid than once thought. Even though there are findings of fluidity, bisexuals are often ostracized by both heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual) communities, as they are often labelled to be confused about either being heterosexual or homosexual (falling back onto the idea of the ‘gender binary’) which leads to many people to not use the term, including many bisexuals themselves (eds Queen & Schimel 1997, p. 69). As Reuben (2013), a person who identifies as bisexual states, “… many young bisexuals run to the gay community for support, only to find they are just as discriminating as the straight community… typical statements such as “oh you’re not
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