The Concept Of Abstract Data Types

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Abstract The objective or purpose of this paper is to drill deep down into the concept of Abstract Data Types. Draw the basic comparison between ADTs and few of the most frequently confused terms with the concept. Examine how modern programing languages, predominantly, java, C#, Python, Ruby, Objective C and C++ put these ideas into practice. The intent of my research is to help developers identify the strengths and weakness of different abstract data type and evaluate scenario under which each data type can be utilized to fully harness its maximum potential. Keywords: Abstract Data Types, Data Types, Data Structures Abstract Data Types: Examine How Different Languages Choose To Use the Concept Since most of the popular programing languages used today are object oriented in nature, which in turn, is not a language, but a set of ideas that is supported by many languages, part of my research will be focused on how these concepts came into play and the rest will be aimed at collecting arguments to elaborate distinction and similarities between the two paradigms. Before the concept of Object Oriented development was introduced, programs were written as a long piece of code, often with all the data and variables defined in one place and all the logic in another. This Approach to programing was known as Procedure-Oriented. Although, procedural languages had named functions and subroutines to make the program look more modular and maintainable, but as the code got bigger and more
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