The Concept Of Coaching Is A New Paradigm Or Metaphor For Management Essay

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It has been suggested that in order to cope with today’s challenging and changing environment, organizations are forced to leave the traditional authority-based structure between managers and subordinates that has been hovering for years. That’s why researchers are now searching for new organizational models in which innovation is more important than control-oriented mode of operation (Agarwal, Angst, & Magni, 2006). According to (Ellinger, Ellinger, & Keller, 2003) et al. (2003, p. 436), “the concept of coaching has emerged as a new paradigm or metaphor for management.” As opposed to the classical command and control paradigm in management, coaching emphasizes on forming an empowered work environment, where managers help their subordinates enhance their work performance, dealing with problems, provide guidance, encouragement, feedback and support (Ellinger, Ellinger, & Keller, 2003) (Agarwal, Angst, & Magni, 2006) (Evered & Selman, 1989). So, coaching is a developmental tool by which employees gain the necessary skill, knowledge and ability to develop themselves and increase their work performance (Agarwal, Angst, & Magni, 2006).
There are five areas that have been pointed out as having the largest impact on employees’ behavior and attitudes, which are: training & development, equitable benefits & reward, fair treatment, leave & vacation, and career development (Guest, 2001). The way line managers implement these practices is related to employees’ perception of

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