The Concept Of Core Competencies

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Core Competencies “The concept of core competencies since its first proposition by Prof Gary Hamel in 1990 has been subject of intense study and interest for firms to deliver sustainable competitive advantage” (Gupta, 2013) Core competencies are the essence of what a company does well. A business uses its core competencies to make and develop products, goods and services according to its company mission. Core competencies are not easily replicated. They usually come from years of experience and are stored in the collective knowledge base of the company and its employees” (Investopedia Stock Analysis, 2015). Core competencies are what gives a company a clear advantage over that of its competitors, and is what is used to set the company apart. Businesses have to know what it is they do well, if they want to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace. I do believe Bluestem is already focusing on its core competencies and what it does well. Bluestem Brands, Inc. has gained a competitive edge in the retail industry by providing quick in house credit to the consumers who browse their site who may not have any money or credit available to them. By refining this process and focusing on it as one of their main strengths, they now generate more revenue in the interest collected off of their credit accounts, than on the merchandise being sold. Core Competencies Biblical Integration As Christians we have our own set of core competencies and this competencies apply both to the
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