The Concept Of Creativity And How It Originates

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Introduction The concept of creativity and how it originates is something that has been subject to change over the past few decades. Initially creativity was thought to be only attributed to a few individuals who were ‘gifted’ with these ideas through special hereditary transmitted traits; that the genius or highly talented individual was born with the skill of creativity and not made (Glaveanu, 2010). This was what was known as the ‘He-paradigm’. A paradigmatic shift later occurred that then moved psychology from embracing only the ‘He-paradigm’ to incorporating the ‘I-paradigm’. This paradigm shifted away from the idea of creativity as being something purely innate to believing that all individuals have the potential to be creative. It…show more content…
What is the Systems Model of Creativity? In his model, Csikszentmihalyi explains that the environment is made up of two important aspects; firstly, there is the domain which is concerned with culture and secondly there is the field, which is the social aspect of the environment. He explains that creativity cannot occur within an individual without the influence of their social environment. Creativity, he argues, is something that can only be observed at the point at which individuals, domains and field meet (Csikszentmihalyi, 1999). He explains that cultures should be seen as a complex system of interrelated domains. In other words, cultures are built on a range of domains such as music, religion, math etc. Each culture will have a various number of domains that they recognize; in addition, different cultures will prioritise the different domains uniquely. For creativity to occur, Csikszentmihalyi says that ‘a set of rules and practises must be transmitted from the domain to the individual’ (Csikszentmihalyi, 1999, pp 3). The individual must then use his personal qualities as well as the information transmitted from the domain, to create a new idea for that domain; creating a variation of something that is already in that domain. Once an individual makes a change in a domain, creativity occurs. This change will be transmitted through time.
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