The Concept Of Culture Is Utilized To Describe Behaviors,

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The concept of culture is utilized to describe behaviors, characteristics, and knowledge of a group of people. In higher education, culture represents and explains the effectiveness of universities and colleges. Higher Education and academics overall are a mixture of cultures that ultimately explain the ways decisions are made. A culture in a higher education institution consists of the organizational and disciplinary functions that explain the specifics aspects. There are over 4,000 4-year and 2-year institutions in the United States, and after going over several missions statements, Swarthmore College was the university that I chose to learn more in depth about its culture and structure. The organization of Swarthmore College focuses…show more content…
In addition, their campus offers a diverse student body, faculty and staff, including different viewpoints, identities, and histories (Swarthmore The university not only focuses on providing stellar academics, but their focus as a campus is to offer students the opportunity to be involved with a wide-ranging academic and student life resources to support diversity and inclusion. Some of the programs offered for students is the Black Cultural Center for their black community, the Diversity and Community Development program which provides students with community involvement, in addition to First in Family Series, Intercultural Center and Religious/Spiritual Life. All these resources provide students with a well-rounded education and campus life. The mission of Swarthmore College is to focus on the planning of campus activities and organizations. In addition, as a way to continue providing students with the current opportunities offered, but also those that are forthcoming a Strategic Planning document was created that is a blueprint for the future. “It is designed to give the college community a broad vision for our future together. Existing campus committees along with newly formed groups are establishing goals and priorities, providing a map for implementing activities, and establishing touchstones against which to measure progress”
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