The Concept Of Federal-Level Inducements And Constraints

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Federal-Level Inducements and Constraints Content and form of the national decision impact implementation behavior. The model frames policy decisions as “messages” from policymakers to implementing actors. The model identifies factors associated with the message: content of the policy message, form of the policy message, and reputation of the communicators among implementors- each impacting state implementation. The authors see national policy as federal messages. Federal influence is conceptualized as inducements and constraints communicated to the states, and policy is a political message. According to the authors, this is because the goal of policy is to affect action in order to “alter the distribution of values in (some portion of)…show more content…
The actors are members of the subnational context surrounding a policy problem, forming a policy community. The actors are specialists in the policy area, who typically interact and know where each other stand. Members of the community evaluate the implications of new policy and responds. Actors in these communities often create advocacy coalitions or alliances to influence implementation as promoters and fixers. Organizational Capacity Organizational capacity refers to the ability of an institution to purposefully take action. This ability is based on structural, personnel and resource capabilities. Policy messages are more likely to receive the anticipated responses if the implementing bodies were built well for that task. The relationship between organizational structure is not simple and straightforward; there is support for both the top-down and bottom-up approach. There has been evidence that shows that “hierarchically-controlled structures… might have different effects on process and output” (p. 123)”. The authors argue that when considering implementation style, integrated structure may create too many veto points which can delay implementation. Three structures are described as positively impacting implementation: single state agency requirement, inclusion of nongovernmental units or designation of a lead agency. Personnel is

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