The Concept Of Gender Identity

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Introduction: The concept of gender identity can only be formed within society because it reflects social expectations and beliefs regarding gender roles in certain historical period. Several centuries ago women were expected to get married early and concentrate totally on housekeeping, family, and religion. Women were regarded as opposite to men, less intelligent and incapable to be in charge of themselves. They were not allowed to own property, vote on elections, and hold leading positions. Fortunately, the development of civilization and democratization of society resulted in women becoming more equal and free from many humiliating stereotypes. After a famous quote of Simona de Beauvoir “one is not born a woman, but rather becomes, a woman” feminists directed their critique to traditional women`s subordination to men which was built upon structuralists` theories and biological determinism (Beauvoir, 2011). Since then the discussions about sex as of cultural construct do not cease. It seems that it is impossible to argue with a nature which divided men and women with the help of different chromosomes: XX for female and XY for male. Scientific proof that female and male genders are conditioned and not as opposite as it seemed came with the research data from hormones study: it was revealed that both male and female contain hormones of both sexes Judith Butler, another important feminist writer, gave a new impact to feminism studies with her book “Gender Trouble: Feminism
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