The Concept Of Gender Roles

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Many people are familiar with the concept of gender roles. IT is the idea that one must look, act and think in a certain way due to their biological sex, and that anything, no matter how trivial, can be assigned a masculine or feminine connotation. Examples are scattered all throughout our various media brackets, unnecessarily gendered products, like these children’s toys:
Or to provide an example of how strange it is when non-common gendered packaging is used:
Figure 2-Gendered Products
Further examples of this would be the way that men are supposed to be knowledgeable about automotive care or sports, while women are expected to show interest in make-up and clothes. While there is certainly nothing wrong with any one of these activities, there is a social stigma attached to going outside your respective ‘role’, particularly for men. It is common now for girls to wear pants or cut their hair short, but if a boy chooses to wear a skirt or make-up, he would almost defiantly face strange looks or questions. The fallout of this narrow minded sexism/racism has negative effects on everyone, even those who fall into the ‘white, male, heterosexual’ bracket. Anyone who does not fit the fictional ‘ideal human’ is discriminated against, and thought of as less important or valued in society. While even the people who do fit in the margins are pressured not to deviate from their status.
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Gender, as most would define it, is split into two: male and
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