The Concept Of Green Business

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INTRODUCTION Over the last few years, the concept of green business has continued to grow in relevance as well as in significance. The same concept has been a topic of much debate in the academic in terms of theory building, research as well as in the corporate world. The main argument is that the businesses have certain social responsibilities which are beyond the profit making motive with regard to the shareholders and the same has been around for decades now. Within a free enterprise environment as well as a private property establishment, business persons own the businesses and have direct responsibilities of their operations. This responsibility is to conduct various business related activities as per required accordance coupled with…show more content…
In this case, most of the production came from the businesses which were small in sizes and eventually the ownership got separated from the management within a firm. The nature and scope of businesses gave rise to the interest in the knowledge as well as impact on the business operations on the environment as well as social spheres of the society within which they operate. This took place for various reasons. The businesses could choose to invest their earned profits or funds to invest in an ethical manner, i.e. in ways wherein the investment took place in an environmental record; however, most of the time, it did not realise any real financial returns. Ethical investments, now, have started performing better in term of rate on return as opposed to earlier times or any other kind of traditional investment. For instance, modifications to pension scheme in the UK indicates that funds meant for pension have to necessarily disclose their contribution and investment made towards social and environmental performance(Grayson & Hodges, 2005). Such developments have started indicating that there is an increased pressure and focus in terms of firms to reveal its activities in their entirety including present investment as well as potential ones. Throughout the world, in terms of laws and regulations, governments have focused upon good and efficient governance in terms of how a firm behaves with regard to its use of resources,
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