The Concept Of Heroes

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Mankind is entranced with the concept of heroes. Look at the stories that have been handed down over time. Normally the main characters are not mere common folk, but instead idealized figures that have supernatural characteristics, such as appearance, wit, bravery, or strength. These figures fulfill a deep need all individuals crave, a need for protection, purpose, and perfection. Even if individuals want to become one of these figures, they still look up to others to learn how to become idealized. The people who are looked up to are often called teachers, mentors, or gurus, but should be referred to as leaders. Most people do not use the word “leader” because the information behind leadership is complex to say the least. Even though it has been studied for thousands of years, no one has been able to pinpoint what makes people leaders. For a while it was seen as having supernatural characteristics similar to the ones listed above, but this creates confusion when trying to apply this definition to certain individuals or less crucial situations. Instead of trying to clarify the entire study of leadership, this paper will focus on bad leadership, specifically, how bad leaders can seize and stay in power, not solely in one time period, but throughout all of history.
This paper will start by discussing a short summary of Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, and Fidel Castro rise to power. The summary will illuminate two important similarities between the leaders, situation and gender. These

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