The Concept Of Holism Is Popularly Discussed In Relation

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The concept of holism is popularly discussed in relation to healthcare and healing as a theory that promotes the consideration of the patient as more than a physical or biological body with an illness, but rather a complex and unique human being. Holism promotes the idea of the person as a whole made up of parts, mainly mind, body, and spirit. When one of these parts ails, harmony cannot exist and thus the whole suffers. Some holistic philosophies tend more toward incorporating the social aspects and others the spiritual components, but the common characteristic of all holistic philosophies is the emphasis on comprehensiveness. What this concept analysis aims to achieve is to explore the different interpretations of holism and how it is…show more content…
Traditionally, nursing takes a holistic approach to practice by taking into account the person as a whole and considering the social, economic, physical, emotional, and psychological factors as contributing factors to a patient 's condition and recovery. However, the concept of holism is not specific to nursing or healthcare. Holism is even currently being studied by economists as it relates to how the lack of considering the whole, in this case meaning the all of te complexities of a economy, lead to the breakdown and ultimate failure of a successful economy (The Guardian). Modern nursing education puts emphasis on practicing nursing with a holistic approach. Nursing students are taught to reflect on their own feelings, opinions, and beliefs in order to become more self- aware and therefore able to better understand and communicate with patients to develop a therapeutic relationship. Critical and Defining Attributes of Holism: Repeatedly in literature the attributes of holism are "mind, body, and spirit," "whole," "harmony," and "healing." Antecedents Before the concept of holism can be practiced, certain behaviors and attributes must exist, these are antecedents. Antecedents to holism for are need, disharmony between mind, body, and spirit, illness, caring healthcare providers, trust, communication, intuition, and understanding that the person is a complex and unique

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