The Concept Of Information Systems

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This paper seeks to define the concept of ‘information systems’ and to establish why Organisations need to plan and manage its information system in order to be successful, it is pertinent to understand the concept of ‘information systems’.

Bee and Bee (1999), defined Information as what is required and what you need to know to effectively manage a business and be successful in it. They stated that ‘systems’ on the other hand is ensuring the information is available when it is required. Information systems involve gathering, storing and processing information in a structured way for an organisation. Similarly, management information systems are information provided electronically to enhance decision
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Organisations need to employ a good model/database system presented in an organized manner which allows for accessibility, change, amendment and updating.
Some key reasons why the ability of an organisation to successfully plan and manage its information systems include but are not limited to the following:
a) Adds value to a business by distinguishing it from other business and doing things better than competitors which are a form of competitive advantage (for example, customer satisfaction, improved products and designs).
b) It helps to understand the customer needs and how to satisfy them.
c) Improved decision making and business development.
d) Business survival to help retain records, resolve challenges and avoid repeating mistakes.
e) Accessibility and ease of reference to information.
f) Data protection
Rockart (1979) developed an approach called the Critical Success Factors. This approach speculates that each critical success factor is based on some belief and the critical success factors should be monitored and support a conclusive set of decisions (Curtis and Cobham, 2005). The critical success factors vary from one organisation to another and are time consuming as well as time reliant. Also, they require a lot of attention and should be frequently monitored to ensure effectiveness.
To help analyse business objectives to determine the needs of Information Systems, Critical Success Factors should be incorporated in the business objectives of an
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