The Concept Of Knowledge Management

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Managing Information Organizations: Essay Assignment
INF 1230 Essay
Haoran Wang

The Introduction to Knowledge Management
The concept of knowledge management (KM) has been used in different disciplines, mostly people use it in engineering and artificial intelligence area. Recently, more and more people realized that knowledge has become an important resource in business management. KM is about to deliver the right knowledge to the right people. At the same time, it can be retrieved and used its knowledge in any current applications or scenarios for people to analyze. Since KM has become more important in business strategic and tactical requirements, we conclude that knowledge management is the management of
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Technology are used in KM, but it is not the most important part in it. KM focus more on people and processes management. For the time being, IM may generate some related data when the organization use it, but KM may not. KM is learnt in the field and understood on an intuitive level, which may not be easily to understand without the right experience and context.
Problems to solve
With knowledge management, many management problems can be solved fast and easily. Basing on Heisig’s thoughts (2003), we provide some assumptions that KM is intended to solve:
1. Organizations can use knowledge to monitor their colleagues, suppliers, clients, competitors, and other resources on a daily basis to solve problems and get the work done.
2. Limited time and abilities are always the barriers when organizations separate jobs for employees. With knowledge management, all the information are combined with daily work tasks and integrated into the daily business process. This can help organizations better organize resources and time for their employees.
3. The ways that knowledge is generated, stored, distributed, and applied are in isolated routine with the daily works and business process. This can help company solve the problem objectively, as a third-party, which help the company find mistakes quickly and efficiently.
4. KM requires the business process provides the context for knowledge, which leads the company to focus more on the user-oriented
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