The Concept Of Learning Process

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3. LEARNING PROCESS APPROACH David Korten stated the concept of learning process in 1980. According to him, the process of learning is continuous and involved not only planners and implementers, but rural people. The goal of this approach is to develop capabilities through developing ideas, for making-decisions and creating continual innovations. The process includes the areas of technology and organization or even a mix of both. The learning process serves an alternative to the blueprint approach, taking into account the particular context of the project. (Krishna et al., 1998) The possibility of embracing error is another particular characteristic of this approach. The use of small-scale projects generates a substantive knowledge about the factors of success and the elements to improve in any stage of the development programs. For completing this process, the individuals in the project must document the findings and develop a structured system of learning which would be the base for building the local capabilities. This usually explains the tendency to slowly start the programs which use the learning process approach. The local capabilities construction becomes the main resource for the sustainability of the project through the development of the self-reliance. The projects of development usually include an assisted process for generating this condition of self-reliance. Individuals in rural communities should understand that they are responsible for their resources and

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