The Concept Of Malcolm Baldridge Core Values

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Coming into this course the concept of Malcolm Baldridge core values had always been touched on but was never the centerpiece of any class I had taken before like it was in this one. Business 401 not only focused directly on the core values but also how to implement them in our careers after Post University. Throughout this course, I have learned many lessons from my classmates and the material that have not only made me a better student but a better leader. While most of us in this class are a management major we all are really striving to become leadership majors because without leadership a manager will never reach he or she 's full potential. Let me explain exactly how this course improved my management abilities.
Looking first at Unit 2 and specifically the assignments regarding the maturity level of a business. Two of the core values present in this unit are managing for innovation and focus on the future. We can all name businesses that reach an unthinkable peak. Think of Wal-Mart, Kodak, Coca-Cola, and much more. These businesses succeeded for a reason but sometimes those reasons fade and society changes. Specifically looking at Kodak compared to the other two. Kodak 's industry changed and the company waited too long to change with it. The concept of managing for innovation according to Core Values Partner (2014), is defined as "Innovation means making meaningful change to improve your organization’s products, services, programs, processes, operations, and business
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