The Concept Of Management And Management

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Is the concept of MANAGEMENT different or what is exactly the reason that some organizations have great success while others suffering many types of failures? I came to release how far is the difference in a concept of Management in organizations that are operating nowadays around the world. It is controversy issue and a subject for discussion. The concept of Management is wider subject but we are going to focus on two notable aspects, which have the most obvious part of the diversities in management. These two are aspects are 1- The power of Management that Managers are having due to their positions in an organization hierarchy 2- The target of Management which is needed to be achieved No one can dine that the western countries have had already an advance Knowledge about Management. Many books and articles since a long time ago demonstrated that by showing the range wide of management theories that have been done by western scientists in the different area of management. For instance, the theory of Classic school in Management and how big impact on Management orientation has been taking place since then due that school in management. Its impacts on an organization 's productivity and efficiency are hugely occurred when many Mangers implementing it in their organization regardless the criticisms that Classic school of management has had. Many examples I could tell about these theories and its impacts on an organization, but that is not our discussion
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