The Concept Of Multiculturalism

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3.1 Multiculturalism
The development of idea of multiculturalism can be traced into the concepts of cultural pluralism that is important for the formation of philosophical and social humanism to help build a better, more egalitarian society. Multiculture in its simplest form refers to the existence of many cultures in a place within specific socio-cultural, economic and political context in time. (Parekh ko definition rakhne) Under the multicultural conditions it is argued that social cohesion is difficult (if not impossible). There is an implicit opposition between social cohesion and multiculturalism. In this usage it represents heterogeneity as opposed to homogeneity, diversity as a counterpoint to unity. From the literature it appears that
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This has led to the fundamental problem arising from the lack of theoretical clarity about what we mean by multiculturalism. All the discourse of multiculturalism thus tries to dwell upon the nuances of difference, incorporation (integration), and solidarity in contemporary western nation states. Out of various approaches with regard to this, social cohesion, which asks what, is the social and cultural bases for social cohesion in the context of diversity. In its basic descriptive term it connotes, "the undeniable varieties of cultures both inter- and international Goldberg (1994:7). " Here he refers to inherent type of multiculturalism both as de facto and de jure.

3.2 Forms of Multiculturalism in Political Context
In political theory, given the myriads of theoretical orientations regarding multiculturalism, it is rather overwhelming to have a comprehensive understanding of the common concepts used. My reading of multiculturalism, in sea of literature, is thus based on understanding the basic common concepts used in dealing with the societal reality of cultural diversity. The literature study indicates that all multicultural debates, in a way focuses on achieving the social cohesions amidst the cultural differences between different
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