The Concept Of Normal In The Atlantis Gene

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The idea of normal, is a complicated one. Every person has a different view on who or what embodies the word “normal”. Views on normal are decided based on the places people live, the jobs they do, and who they interacted with, maybe even how they interact with others. Normal has a different meaning to each and every person in the world. In The Atlantis Gene, the author continually calls attention to how different people live and are treated around the world. Around the world, people live and work in very different conditions compared to American workers. Especially in China, were almost all of America’s goods are manufactured. Some of the workers in the factories, desperate for money, work without protections and work their lives away. At the beginning of The Atlantis Gene, the author tells the story of Jin, a young Chinese man who volunteers for medical research to help get money for his family, who had just lost their farm. He recounts a visit to his older brother working at a factory, the event that drove him to risk his life to get his family more money. “His older brother found work in a factory making electronics. Jin and his parents visited him a month after he started. The conditions were much worse than here, and the work was already taking its toll-the strong, vibrant, twenty-one-year-old man who had left the family’s farm looked to have aged twenty years. He was pale, his hair was thinning, and he walked with a slight stoop. He coughed constantly,” (Pg. 36).

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