The Concept Of Occupational Safety And Health Essay

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The concept of Occupational Safety and Health was not known before the Nineteenth Century, it started at the western country. At first, it was more of concerns raised by the community, such as the children’s working in a cotton mills in the United Kingdom however, the police regulated some restrictions regarding the children and young people working hours. A further act later on included women as well in the working hour’s regulation, yet, there was not any formal legislation regarding this matter until the year of 1883, Otto Von Bismarck was the first who initiated the Social Insurance legislation and the Worker’s Compensation which took place in the western world. However, other countries followed with similar acts later on. The human being economic costs and social costs of occupational risks have been taking the concern at levels from the individual workplace to the national and international.
Organizational health and safety or workplace health and safety was legislated to support both the employer and the employees; decrees and prevent job accidents, diseases, injuries and death. However, the main goal of the occupational health and safety concept is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all individuals in the workplace.
Occupational Safety and Health
In order to understand the occupational safety & health concept, we must define:
Safety, which can be referred as the state of freedom from any danger in it’s all shapes,
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