The Concept Of Organizational Learning

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Employing professionals and engaging them in organizational learning not only strengthens their skills and mastery of their professions, but also creates a competitive advantage. Organizations do not magically develop into learning organizations. As organizations mature over time, they often lose their ability to be innovative as their structure and ways of thinking become set. Changes developed to remedy problems more often than not become temporary only to re-emerge in the future. In order to create competitive advantage, organizations must learn faster than their competition and develop an environment that is ready to respond to customer requirements. This paper defines the concept of organizational learning and applies it to a real world organization. A learning organization is a term that applies to organizations that facilitates the learning of its employees and continuously improves itself. In a learning organization, employees are constantly learning from experiences and using their knowledge to continuously improve performance. They learn from both their failures and successes. A culture of continuous learning is built into the organization’s environment. Communication flows openly both up and down the chain of command, ensuring that everyone is kept well informed. Senior leaders set the example by seeking to increase their own knowledge and passing that knowledge on to their employees. Employees are recognized and reward for their continuous learning…
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