The Concept Of Othering Essay

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The concept of “othering” is based on theories and studies that have shaped other groups of people into not equal or less then other groups. In terms of groups, groups are subjective to race and status. Likewise, The concept of “othering” is a projection of images and ideologies that have created a perception in our society toward a different group of people. Furthermore, These different groups of people are defined in many forms and concepts that categories theses people as other. Then again, who gave the authority to humans to define other human lives by their race and status? The notion of believe of “other” humans is based on power toward other humans. Unfortunately, minorities, such as Native America, African America, Latinos, and Asians…show more content…
The Old World was based on power and domination. England had created the idea that “white” Europeans are the best race. As many conquer believed in that notion of whiteness, the result of discovering new races such as Native American and blacks were labeled as other. In reality, white is simple a color. Unfortunately, the notion of white race has engendered an idea that white race is prestige, educate, pure, and formal. As a result, segregation is created. The idea of segregation has created a platform for minorities to undermine their culture by comparing the idea of been “white”. The white race ideology has been generated through many years. The white idea came from a place that America despises the most, which it was England. Nevertheless, America has innovated the idea of whiteness toward minorities. Hence, the concept of “othering” in America is for immigrants such as Latinos, who come from Central, and South American, African Americans and Asians. The reason for labeling these groups of people in America as other is because they come from rural part of the world and they are considered “uneducated” individuals. Therefore, “white” Americans considered immigrants and as well African Americans as minorities. Although,
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