The Concept Of Personal Identity

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Identity is very complex, everyone has a different definition and a different idea of what identity is. When one talks about personal identity they are usually talking about how they identify themselves and how they feel as a person. Madan Sarup (1996) talks about identity by using the example of a passport. A passport may include a photograph of the person as well as other details including nationality, a person's full name and date-of-birth. While a passport is a form of identity it does not express who you are as a person. It “show's you who you are so that you can be recognized in a bureaucratic sense” (Sarup, 1996). Sarup states “that identity is to do with who one thinks one is, what one believes and what one does”. According to…show more content…
It also affects the way that your loved ones perceive you.
In the TV show “Black Mirror”, there is an episode which discusses something similar. The episode is called “Be Right Back”, and in this episode the main character, Martha, latches onto a technology that simulates Ash's personality from his social media profile. She does this after he dies in a tragic accident. She is distraught after his death and then finds out that she is pregnant. Martha goes through months of living with what is supposed to Ash, but something about it does not seem quite right to her. The person that is supposed to be Ash does not have the same personality or emotions that the original Ash had towards her. The pinnacle of the interactions that she had with the new Ash was when they started to get physical and he had no emotion with it. He satisfied her, but he did not make love to her the way she was used to.
This to me, is a very good example of how you are not the same person once you have been copied. The major thing that makes you who you are is your personality and emotions. Personality cannot be transmitted through zeros and ones. Your memories are not who you are. It is like twins, they look exactly like each other and most of the time they have very similar memories and experiences but they are not the same person. They do not have the same personality; they are distinct when people start to get to know them.
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