The Concept Of ' Post Racial '

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Judy Tan
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The concept of “Post Racial” America is certainly a preposterous idea that does not exist. Different degrees of racism is seen throughout the U.S, however regardless of the intensity, racism has and will always exist. Americans belief that we live in a society where racism no longer exist is a serious impediment on the progression of America. The first problem with modern racism is living in a color blinded society where people believe in post racial America. The second is our humanistic nature to be predominant primates and finally, our unconscious bias towards racism as a result of racial stereotypes. As much as people would like to believe we are a nation where is not an issue, where race does not compete for supremacy, where the color of you skin or what your last name may be is the reason you don 't get hired, then we are obviously living in a color blinded society. Everyday, someone is faced with racial discrimination and racial prejudice. Statistically speaking, the biggest motive for hate crime is because of race. Racism comes in all kinds of form but racism is within all of us. Thus, everyone is a racist simply because we are human beings. Suffice it to say, many people (Whites in particular) have this absurd belief they are “non- racist,” and that we live in an egalitarianism society. This kind of behavior is what Barbara Trepagnier calls, “Silent Racism.” She wrote, “ Whites in the 'racist ' category are defined as disliking or

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