The Concept Of Reference Management As Seen The Eyes Of Author Dianne Ridley

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In this study, I will be researching and narrowing down three topics, provide a description and the reason why the topics should be worth of doctoral-level study in my degree type. Part two of this study will be to list the keywords used in the research and part three of this study will be to discuss the concept of reference management as seen in the eyes of author Dianne Ridley. Micro finance and economics in rural areas Microfinance also known as microcredit is the provision of financial services to small businesses or groups of entrepreneurs in an effort to eradicate poverty. This is most common to developing or third world countries and is provided to people who don’t qualify for the formal banking system, in other words people without…show more content…
Ignoring the emergence of new markets however small they are is doomed to failure of an economy Emerging market are worth of doctoral-level study because Operational risk management for small enterprises Is a tool used by management to make smart decisions about how to mitigate risks. The goal is to manage risk so that there is minimal impact on the continuity of the business. Operational risk management involves five steps which includes; identifying hazards, assessing the hazards, making risk decisions, implementing controls and supervising & watching for change to occur. There are also three levels associated with risk management to include in-depth, deliberate and time critical. Operational Risk Management is worth of doctoral-level study because it is the means through which risks that would negatively affect business operations are identified and informed judgment to mitigate the identified risks are made. Hence it decreases or eliminates operational loss in businesses, decreases exposure to future risks by ensuring that management has good continuity plans and detects illegal actions. It is therefore essential at a doctorial level to have well informed knowledge about operational risk management to better suit in the work environment. Part 2 Using the ProQuest dissertation and theses database, I entered Microfinance, microfinance and economic development, microfinance insights in the search box but the

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