The Concept Of Self Care

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Concept analysis is a combination of seven steps that work together to clarify concepts in our nursing practice (McEwen & Wills, 2014). The term self-care is a concept from Orem’s self-care deficit theory. The purpose of this concept analysis is to clarify the concept and determine how it is used in the nursing practice, particularly with rehabilitation patients. We will further explore this concept with literature reviews, the possible uses of this concept, its attributes, model and alternative cases, antecedents and consequences, and finally empirical referents.
Aim of Analysis The aim of this concept analysis is to clearly define the concept of self-care in relation to rehabilitation patients. The characteristics of self-care will be further explored and explained, as well as its importance to nursing practice. By understanding the concept better, nurses will be able to be more involved in the patient’s care and increase the rate of their recovery (Arman & Hok, 2015).
Literature Review According to Hashemi et al. (2013), promoting self-care with patients gives them more control over their lives – leading to an improved quality of life. The article emphasized the importance of empowering patients to perform activities independently. Orem’s self-care model was used as a clinical guideline for the self-care programs they developed for the patients. There were three different care models they focused on depending on the patient’s needs and conditions. If the patient…
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