The Concept Of Self-Discovery In The Film Gypsy Rose Lee

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As humans, we sometimes ask ourselves “what is self-discovery?” or “how do I know who I really am?” According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary, self-discovery is the act or process of gaining knowledge or understanding of one’s abilities, character, and feelings. Discovering our own individuality, finding ourselves is simply a process that is found in the cycle we called life. The idea of self-discovery in the movie “Gypsy”, is clearly demonstrated in the character named Gypsy Rose Lee. She was an American burlesque entertainer and vedette most well known for her striptease acts. The movie reveals her journey of becoming a striptease artist and how she discovered her true self along the way. In the beginning, Gypsy was a very impressionable, “people pleaser” type of person. She was always the first to agree and did whatever everyone desired. However, toward the end, Gypsy became true to herself and started to develop her own principle of existentialism and self-realization. Gypsy Rose Lee’s self-discovery through her life was accomplished by the traumatizing relationship with her mother, the financial struggles throughout her childhood, and the realization of her own dreams. Gypsy Rose Lee’s personality and characteristics were the reflections of her mother. As a little girl, Gypsy was known as a sweet, caring and easy loving person. Who always had the desire to help and please others. Mama Rose, her mother was a self-absorbed character. She was full of anger, and always
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