The Concept Of Sense Memory

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This essay will consider the question of “Discuss how the concept of 'sense memory ' could be employed by the screen actor” The following material will be looked at with reference to the work from Lee Strasberg and Constantin Stanislavsky, stemming from the words of Hasse on our five senses. It will be argued that our five senses are what get us past each day and how we encounter those senses into a language that we understand (Hasse, 2003). I will intend to discuss how this may be argued in a way that screen acting can be seen as the sense of the memory.

(Hasse, 2003) said that “Our five senses bring us through the world each day. Translating everything that we experience into a language that we understand”. That is our touch, taste, sight, smell and what we hear. This is our communication to what triggers our grasp of language. “We consciously hear something from listening to our spouse, a friend, colleague, the television or radio and we chose whether to give it meaning to our lives.” (Maurice, 2009: 107) This quote from the book is agreeing that the senses do give us a sense of language but in the way that it 's our own belief and it is the social language and meaning, it 's the reality of our mind. Apparently there are more then 5 senses throughout the body. “If this book does nothing else, perhaps it will convince you that there are more than five senses.” ( Henshaw, 2012). So other senses can be helping us through every day without us even knowing. But, because
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