The Concept Of Sexual Ethics Essay

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The concept of sexual ethics can be an especially complicated predicament as to what is approved of and what is not. A person is informed, taught, and shown how to act and think, which can cause them to create schemas of multiple actions and ideas, especially when it comes to sexual relations. Furthermore, common principles that should be focused on when it comes to sex are verbal consent and hygiene. Verbal consent is referred to as both participants verbally and affirmatively agree to any sexual act before or during the sexual encounter every time. The concept of Hygiene is that both partners should be periodically tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) while participating in sexual relations with one another, especially if one of the parties has multiple sex partners at one time and does not use certain precautions such as condoms or any other form of birth control. These principles should be practiced in all sexual acts, but specifically, prostitution and the making of pornography. If verbal consent and hygiene are used in these acts, then they can be seen as ethical, due to the fact they do not harm, devalue and or put someone or multiple people in danger. The first sexual act is the act of prostitution. For many years, women lacked the possibility to consent to sex due to the inequality of rights but especially consent during sex. Past readings have shown the development of women speaking out and standing up for the human right of consensual acts. Two
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