The Concept Of Social I, Daniel Blake

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The concept of Social realism as a film genre is to portray the ‘real life’ of a working-class society. Social realism films depict the social, political and economic injustices’ that influence and impact people in society (Taylor, 2006). Social realism is raw, and gives the audience a true indication of what life is like (Lay, 2002). Social realism first came about during an economic downfall in the 1920s. It was an art movement that social realists started to represent the working class. The word social refers to society and the word realism refers to accepting a situation and dealing with it accordingly. Social realism seeks to identify current issues that happen to ordinary people in society. Social…show more content…
It is a story about a newly unemployed man, Daniel Blake, seeking disability benefits as he is unable to work due to a heart condition, and a young single mother, Katie who is seeking welfare’s help to get ‘back to school’ clothes for her kids. This film shows the suffering Daniel and Katie go through due to the lack of support from social welfare system. The welfare office is trying to reduce the amount of people claiming, so because of this they make it extremely hard for Katie and Daniel to gain any sort of benefits. Daniel must try to adapt in order to survive while Katie resorts to crime as a means of survival in…show more content…
To portray a social situation in the best way, is it crucial to set the film in an area that may be going through the same social or political problem as it gives an accurate representation of that society. By using a natural environment that depicts the social or political problem within the society, it puts an emphasis on the situation and in turn gains an emotional response from an audience (Taylor, 2006). Natural light is used as much as possible in scenes to build the mood of the scene and to also add depth to the shots. It aims to be as realistic and true to life as possible and by leaving out three-point lighting it adds to the authenticity of the social situation. Tones of cold blues and greys are popular within social realism films as it conveys the brutalities within the society and adds to the cruelness of the struggles that they endure. It wouldn’t make sense to have the scenes bright and colourful knowing that there is a life-threatening situation at
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