The Concept Of The Intelligence

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Introduction Why is it so important to define the concept of « intelligence » in education ? Education is dedicated to the fostering of intelligence, and students are evaluated as future members of the workforce on the basis of their intelligence, but how is this possible if we can’t even seem to agree on what ‘intelligence’ is? To this day, we do not have an official definition of intelligence. Even ‘beauty,’ another famously elusive concept, is better defined than ‘intelligence’. However, there are multiple theories about intelligence out there that are well-known and in some cases even used by schools to evaluate students. So I ask the question, « Which current theory of intelligence is most comprehensive and most relevant to education today? » When I first started researching the topic, I became more or less convinced that Gardner’s Multiple intelligences theory was most comprehensive and most relevant to education today, because it was useful to teachers and provided an alternative to the idea of a global intelligence factor, which I strongly disagreed with, and that combined with Carol Dweck’s notion of fixed and fluid intelligence, it would be more or less ideal. In this paper, I will evaluate the MI theory and try to determine whether it is, in fact, the most comprehensive intelligence theory out there, and the most relevant to education. Body Intellectual Quotient (IQ): a global intelligence factor Scientific study of human intelligence started off with the
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