The Concept Of The Looking Glass Self

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Sociology 1110 Winter 2015 Assignment 4 – Expository-Explanatory Paper The increase in interest to the problem of communication in sociology actualized questions of understanding the nature of the individual. This determined the weakening of the behaviorist tradition, which is characterized by a nihilistic attitude to the study of psychological processes and the determination of the human life as a manifestation of the externally observable behavior (by analogy with the animal reaction). The interactionist approach in sociology has been formed and it refers to the integrity of the human personality and self-determination in the micro-social environment. In this research paper, I want to consider the interactionist theory, as it perfectly reflects micro-social processes and explain the nature of human identity. “The Self” Concept The concept of the looking glass self is one of the first concepts of personality psychology, sociology. It does not come from the internal characteristics of the person, but from the recognition of the crucial role of the interaction of individuals, who act in relation to each other as standing in a front of a mirror. William James, who was American philosopher and psychologist, was the first, who began to develop problems with "The self" concept. James used fixed language structures in order to distinguish different aspects of a single integrated "Self", who is the individual himself. Thus, James suggested reasonable (but still hypothetical) model
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