The Concept Of The Marketing Mix

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Marketing is a fundamental part in transition of products from producers to consumer. This is where marketing mix plays a major role, it is also known as the 4p’s. The term "marketing mix" became often used after the famous Neil H. Borden published his article titled "The Concept of the Marketing Mix" in 1964 (McCarthy 1960 as cited in Anderson and Taylor, 1995) . A marketing mix contains four primary elements; these four elements are product, price, promotion and price. All of these four elements are required in a marketing mix. Each one of the elements affects one and another and they should always be connected together. Additionally, these elements are applied to a business marketing strategies and tactics. The marketing
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For a business to remain profitable, customer satisfaction must be met. Fiats value comes from the nostalgic model of their small city car that offers a sensational classic look with improved engine, modern features, functions, design, and convenience which fits consumers’ needs in today’s society (Pattuglia, 2011).
Furthermore, following the total product offering concept, the core benefits is that this car is very compatible and small which only requires very small space to park, and it is very durable, stylish, and fuel efficient city car that offers many features. Unlike few other cars in the market which posses the same quality of a small car, Fiat is one of the very few that offers advanced safety features such as 7 air bags and advanced electronic stability program, which are only found in bigger cars, these features added to this small car makes it one of a kind (Weenen, 2007). Additionally the symbolic and experimental benefits of this product are, that fiat offers 24 hours road side assistance and a very decent after-sales service for all the potential customers, (The Fiat Group, 2015). Therefore, customers who buy this product aren’t at a disadvantage as it offers many services to the customers.
Compared to car brands that offer small
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