The Concept Of The Theories, What Do They Say?

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The concept of the theories, what do they say?
Reflective vision about what they say
Expl the theor behind the lernig styles
Use positive and neg arguments!balance the situation or turnet around!
Choose 1or more stronger learnig style that represents u. justify the reasons (, 2011)

This project came to life because of the two theorists P. Honey and A. Mumford. They researched for years on how to put together a project in order to identify the learning styles. Finally, they came up with the idea of a questionnaire. By gathering eighty questions together, all containing different learning styles and being supported by the Kolb learning style inventory (LSI), the project was up and running.
Perhaps that every individual from this Planet is different and unique, this is a fact. The same like being different means that we have diverse ways of perception towards new concepts and ideas (learning in general). However, we all have similar ways of approaching and understanding, therefore learning.
Neg arg personal/organisational development and not for assessment/selection.
Not a psychometric instrument, but a checklist about how people learn.
Danger of labelling people as
‘theorists’ or ‘pragmatists’, when most people exhibit more than one strong preferences (F.Coffield, 2004, p. 28)

learning styles are not fixed personality traits, it shifts the emphasis towards
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