The Concept Of Tqm ( Total Quality Management ) Was Developed By W. Edwards Deming

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The concept of TQM (Total Quality Management) was developed by W. Edwards Deming along with Joseph Juran and Armand Feigerbaum in the 1950s when their mission was to revive the Japanese manufacturing sector, which was known for its poor quality products at the time. Deming and his colleagues demonstrated through a TQM approach that adopting a new quality-focused way of doing business indeed bring successes in improving products, services, and profits. The idea of TQM did not become popular in America until 1980s, but today it is widely applied in almost all sectors, including education.
What is TQM? Total quality management, TQM, is a long-term management approach that seeks to continuously improve and ensure the quality of the
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How can TQM be implemented? The first step in TQM implementation is to have an honest look at the organization’s current reality and assess how healthy the organization is. If the organization faces with preconditions such as significant financial problems, incompetent managerial skills, and low employee morale, then it might not be a good idea to implement TQM until those issues are first addressed, and the need for change is openly accepted. Next is to assess readiness: creating goals and objectives, assigning responsibilities, and securing resources followed by training and creating transition management structure.
For TQM to be successful, all workers in the organization have to be clear and focus on its vision and intentionally align themselves with the TQM strategies to produce quality products and services that satisfy their client’s needs and requirements. Some of the benefits gained from successful TQM implementation include fewer customer complaints, cost reduction in the long term, elimination of waste and mistakes, and boost in employee morale by empowering them by encouraging their participation in decision making and communication.
Summary of TQM 's primary purpose and use
The primary purpose of TQM is customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis through quality products and services. According to business dictionary, quality is defined
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