The Concept Of Tracking Is An Essential Skill To The Aboriginal

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The concept of tracking is an essential skill to the Aboriginal trackers in Australia. Before the colonization of the white settlers, tracking was a traditional trade skill in the lives of the Aboriginal people needed to survive in the environment of Australia. Soon after, tracking became a significant role in Aboriginal history because it molded the relationship between the Aboriginals and the white settlers. In the movie adaptation of the novel Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence, the tracker illustrates how perceptions of trackers can transform by witnessing the struggle of the tracker living in both white society and aboriginal culture. Therefore, in both the movie and the novel, tracking demonstrates how it has impacted the history of…show more content…
Typically, men were the hunters and scouted larger animals for food to feed other members of the tribe. However, women were also taught how to track to kill smaller animals. For example, Molly started practicing at a young age to prove women hunted smaller animals by killing the goanna in the movie Rabbit Proof Fence (Noyce). Molly fought to go home by using the tracking skills she learned to help her survive without being captured by Moodoo. Tracking was a personal tool to many of the native people because it was used to find the location of animals and water. So, tracking became a life skill that was natural to the Aboriginals. Despite tracking being used as a life skill to the Indigenous people, it became a valuable skill that benefited the white settlers in conquering Australia’s land. White people needed the native trackers because they had difficulty exploring the new environment they wanted to nab. Once new white settlers started embezzling extra land, the Aboriginal people’s homes were seized by the white people. The white people made the natives inferior by limiting their hunting and killing more natives unfairly: “Soon the white people would take [their] land from [them] and there would be no recourse for any injustices committed against his people” (13). The white people would always win battles against the Aboriginal people because, “the evil white invaders [had] their muskets, swords, and pistols” (3) while the native

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