The Concept Of Video Games Has Always Been Entitled To

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The concept of video games has always been entitled to be a harmful tool for the younger audience, generally speaking about children. The scenario created doesn’t only affect the players, but also the surroundings due to the consequences, like fighting outside of the home. This happens because of the violent content and also the addiction and that causes in children. However, not all games are the same. From another perspective, it’s been proven that there’s a group who’s researching for the positive effects that video games can have on children. Indeed, video games can work as an educational tool, from many aspects. Schools should implement the act of gaming as an extracurricular activity because they can enhance cognitive skills, have a…show more content…
These games where the player plays in first-person, she/he’s in charge of manipulating the action of a single character. In the gaming community, these games are usually known as first-person shooter (FPS) games. The name itself says that these games involve the use of weapons for the interaction. These games are clearly not intended for toddlers. According to, “Action video game play has also been linked to enhanced cognitive abilities such as attending to multiple objects simultaneously [3], [9], [10], [11], superior spatial skills [5] as well as reduced attentional blink effects [3]”. This is demonstrating how the game is structured in a way that requires the players to build strategies on how they’re going to achieve the goal/task. The first example provided is “attending to multiple objects simultaneously”. This means that the brain can’t only focus their mind on a single function, but multiple ones. As a result, there’s the maintenance to practice multitasking. Multitasking is used in a learning environment, daily. The student will be able to apply multitasking in the different academics. The role of emotions while interacting with the game has changed. Many games now integrate the function of in-game text chat or voice chat. The games that are team-based player have as a main component the communication aspect, which is relevant to how the players are going to achieve the same goal while working
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