The Concept Of Virtual Private Network

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Executive Summary The report focuses on the concept of virtual private network. Virtual private network enables remote connections without the need of cables or leased wires. It leverages the capability of public network(i.e. the internet) to provide remote connections between different sites globally. Further, the report introduces the scope and objectives of Design Sheet metal private limited, the organisation which is trying to expand its operations throughout the Australian continent. The report proposes the implementation of virtual private network technology through CISCO AnyConnect Secure Mobility. There is a coherent relationship identified between the objectives of Design Sheet Metal and the benefits realised by VPN…show more content…
Technically, VPN extends the concept of Local area network, where the main LAN at the company headquarters is connected to multiple LANs in different company locations and individual users (Protocols, 2008). Most organizations develop an intranet, which is an internal network used only by company employees. It allowed all the employees to have one single access point for company resources and updates. Implementing a VPN allowed remote users to access the intranet from any location or even their homes (Tyson & Crawford, 2015). Design Sheet Metal Design Sheet Metal Pty Ltd is a manufacturing and packaging company which provides leading supply of flashings and rainwater products. Established in 2003, the company has the reputation for providing quality products and has one of the fastest turnaround times i.e. less than 24 hours. Currently, it is looking to expand to all parts of Australia beyond the current locations, namely, Bendigo, Ballarat, Mornington and Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong and Melbourne CBD. They provide delivery to 70 – 80 sites on a daily basis and would like to keep up the same level of service in different Australian states. The office Head Quarters will be based in Melbourne with the officials travelling to the different sites on occasions for recording, monitoring and evaluating the ongoing progress for expansion (Metal, 2015). This expansion has led to
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