The Concept of Being Evil

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The Concept of Being Evil Today, we are constantly affected by evil like criminality, sickness and so on, which all leads to a general lack of trust in everyone and everything. To define and categorize the different extents of evil, there are two concepts: natural and moral evils. Natural evils like natural disasters or cancer are forcing us to live with the fact that it is out of our hands and there is nothing we can do to conquer it. Moral evils are different both in what kind of actions and also in how we are looking at the responsible persons. These actions are for instance murder and other types of criminality where you have defied what is ethically correct. A lot of people are under the impression that it is only bad and evil…show more content…
In the light of this discussion, it is clear that the dichotomy between being a hero or a villain does not apply in our real world, as it is a whole other mind set than in literature that obtain for the human way of thinking. The human being is able to make mistakes and commit bad things without it marks you as a villain who is in no possession of any good and loving characteristics. In literature, there are no boundaries and only your imagination will draw the lines. The only thing that matters in literature is making the story interesting and as mentioned, it is the significant boundary line between the hero and the villain that builds up the excitement. When Shakespeare has made Richard III announcing his need to become a villain because of his lack of love, it is exaggerated for the sake of the play. In real life, he would have weak spots that would characterise him as a good man because this is in our nature. Therefore, the sharp line between good and bad only applies in literature and there are even varied purposes. Ergo, being evil in all your actions is not possible, as your natural need for love will appear sooner or
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