The Concept of Epiphany in Kate Chopin's 'Story of an Hour'

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Epiphany (Rewrite Order #A2101292) An epiphany is the sudden realization or manifestation of understanding, and in the "Story of an Hour," by Kate Chopin, a woman experienced an epiphany that ultimately had tragic results. The tragedy was foreshadowed in the first line when the narrator informed the reader of Mrs. Mallard's heart trouble and the problems it could bring when informing her of her husband's death. But instead of being the cause of tremendous sorrow, the death of her husband brought about a sudden realization of the freedom she would now have because she is no longer married and under the control of her husband. But Mrs. Mallard's epiphany, her realization of the freedom she'll now possess, became the cause of her tragedy. Just as she was beginning to enjoy the fruits of her epiphany, her heart trouble, which many believed would cause her trouble when the news of her husband's death reached her, actually caused her trouble when she suffered a heart attack brought on by joy. Most Christians will recognize the term "Epiphany" as the celebration of Jesus Christ's manifestation of humanity recognized by the arrival of the Magi on January 6. ("Epiphany") In other words, Christian tradition maintains that the arrival of the Magi is the recognition that the baby Jesus was indeed the Son of God. This manifestation, or recognition has made its way into the modern vernacular as a sudden manifestation of understanding, what has commonly been called a "Eureka" moment.
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