The Concept of Equity of Access in the Australian Healthcare System

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The Australian health care system is founded on the concept of equity of Access. Discuss this Statement with relation to the concepts of Effectiveness and efficiency and any interrelation that may exist. 1. Introduction: As Stated in the National Health Reform Agreement-Equity of Access is the fundamental base of the Australian Health Care System (DHA. 2013a). Effectiveness, which focuses on ratio of outputs to outcomes and efficiency, which defines as achieving maximum outputs with available inputs or resources, these are other elementary aspects of the Australian Health Care System. Equity, effectiveness and efficiency these represents ideal health system, which should be effective and efficient and able to achieve the specified…show more content…
The result in context of other dimension of equity is not good. Health care access (both primary care and hospital care) in term of geographical equity is significantly different between urban and rural area. Geographic equity problem is complex in nature is described relatively, for example, there are fewer doctors per 1000 population in rural Australia relative to urban area. Due to the traveling to significant distance to gain access to specialist service, access to hospital service in rural communities is also considered problem. 2. Equity of Outcome: Equity of outcomes is affected not only by quality of care provided but also by environmental factors. One of the best example is equity of outcomes is the health status of our Aboriginal & Torres strait Islander population is appalling and need major policy attention. Factor Affecting health status in not going to remedied by action in health sector, as issue of dignity, identity and justice should be strategy to improve their health status. Reconciliation is one of the key element need for further progress (Jackson, L.R., & Ward, J.E., 1999). 2. Efficiency: What is efficiency? According to Farrell efficiency is production of maximum amount of outputs from given amount of input or alternatively minimum input quantities producing a given amount of output (Farrell, M.J.
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