The Concept of Family Health in Nursing Practice

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Family Health How does a family work as a system in promoting the health of its members? Family is playing an important part in helping to ensure that patients are fit and following the advice of health care professionals. This is because the family is a foundation of support for everyone. At the same time, members can learn about what is impacting their loved one and what kind of procedures need to be followed. When this happens, there will be higher amounts of compliance as they will ensure that the patient continues to stick with their treatment protocol. (Saleeba, 2009) Moreover, the family understands the specifics about the individual's condition and their daily routines. This can help health care professionals to decide if the person is following the proper steps in their therapy. Once this takes place, is the point that health care professionals can make adjustments to reflect changing realities. Those patients, who have their families involved, will be able to receive better care by ensuring that nothing is overlooked. This is the point that physicians will have a more complete picture surrounding their underlying levels of health. (Saleeba, 2009) Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Saleeba (2008) who said, "The family should be updated continuously about the patient's condition and procedures. Keeping the family members well informed an including them in procedures can have a dramatic effect on decreasing stress. Studies are being
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