The Concept of Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence: An Evaluation

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Executive Summary Competencies are skills or knowledge vital in the achievement of superior performance. These skills develop from an individual or organization's knowledge and abilities thus an opportunity to distinguish between poor performance and exceptional production or outcome. Competencies have the ability to apply at organizational, team, individual, functional, global, and occupational levels. Competencies are vital in the execution of the job requirements or obligations following their clarifications at the organizational or global levels. Competencies are flexible thus develop under the influence of support and effort. Leaders have the ability to maximize their competencies and skills of the employees for the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery. The rise of globalization in the modern society focuses on the development of wider coverage for the leaders and employees to maximize their competencies for the purposes of achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization. The main purpose of this research exercise is to evaluate the concept of global leadership and cultural intelligence. The research exercise is divided into two critical sections for the achievement of the goals and objectives. The first section focuses on the recognition and training of global leadership for maximization of the available opportunities and resources. The first aspect of the research exercise focuses on identification of a video clip of a global
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