The Concept of Good Death

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Death and Dying 1. What does the term 'good death' mean? Death is never an easy thing to deal with. When a loved one dies, people will naturally go through a system of mourning wherein they laud and appreciate the person who is now gone from their lives forever. There are times when deaths are more difficult to deal with, such as when a death is unexpected or when the deceased is a young person who should have had a long life ahead of them. Although death is never necessarily a happy event, there are occurrences where the passing away of a friend or loved one can be quantified as a good, if not pleasant event. According to the text, there are three conditions wherein a death can be considered a "good death." First, there is the medically-based good death. In this scenario, a person has been ill for a considerable length of time. Their illness is chronic, painful, and incurable. Thus, when that person finally passes away from that disease, their death is good because they are no longer in the position where they are suffering. The second type of good death is the sacred death wherein a person dies for some sort of religious purpose. In many ancient cultures, there were civilizations which used the practice of human sacrifice for a variety of reasons, including honoring the gods and ensuring a strong harvest of crops. Modern cultures do not usually include sacred deaths nor sacrificial deaths and often prosecute those who choose to participate in such events. Thirdly, a
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