The Concept of Government Welfare

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The concept of whether people receiving welfare should be made to work for the government paying for the welfare is a complicated issue and one that is generating a lot of arguments, including in the current political campaign climate. The problem itself is not whether or not these people need to work: there would likely be a general acceptance of the fact that welfare receivers would indeed need to work to cover, in part, for the payments they are receiving. The problem, however, is that this category of welfare receivers is not an homogenous one. For example, Mitt Romney has made moving recipients out of welfare an important issue on his election campaign agenda. One of the statements he issued was that there should be a work requirement for women receiving financial help through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) (Grim, 2012). What this means is that poor women who have small children, including 2-year olds, as Romney pointed out, should be put to work for the welfare they receive. The problem here, and this is a differentiation that will be done in other parts of this paper as well, is that there is a tremendous difference between people who cannot work and people who will not work. Looking at Romney's statement at first, this seems like an ideal solution. However, these moms are often not staying home because they prefer not to work and to receive welfare, but because many studies have shown that it is more beneficial for children to have a motherly
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