The Concept of Gravitational Force

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Research papers In our current Universe, there are four fundamental forces that ultimately describe natural phenomena, “from spinning electron to spinning galaxy.” The four fundamental forces of nature are Gravitational Force, Electromagnetic Force, Strong Force and Weak Force; these forces play significant roles in shaping the Universe. Gravitational Force in regarding to cosmology is arguably the most compelling force with its large-scale of ability to illustrate how matters interact with each other in space. Electromagnetic Force is a critical force for living organism due to the fact that it is the force that holds atoms together to form molecules. Likewise, the Strong Force is severely important to life as it holds the nucleus together against immense force of repulsion created by proton. Lastly, the Weak Force, caused by radioactive decay and nuclear fusion is responsible for creation of supernova which leads to the creation of the sun. Without any of the four fundament force, lives simply would not existed in this universe. The concept of Gravitational Force can be closely observed in daily basic in which Sir Isaac Newton established Calculus essentially to calculate the motion of a falling object. Under great influences from his curiosity, Newton questioned the unthinkable as he observed the phenomenal motion of a falling apple. As a result of his brilliant observation, Newton established the Universal Law of Gravitational which fully capable of solving and
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